Holy cow it was hot today. My run was super sweaty. I like it! And I did represent my Buccos today with my McCutchen running shirt.

How are you doing? Still interested in reading my… what is this a blog? I guess. My blog. Yeah, that works. Well, you  must be still interested for some reason since you are still reading this. Enjoying your journey with me so far? I hope so.

Hmm.. I think I am about due for another recipe. Unfortunately I really haven’t cooked anything since J has left other than baked chicken breasts with Mrs. Dash and quinoa (oh and lots of cookies to ship over to the boys). Not very exciting of me, I know, but when you are on a lifting diet that is one of the best things you can eat, and so easy to make in large quantities and eat throughout the week. I did come across a few good recipes on Pinterest lately though: Oreo Rice Krispie Treats (http://www.chef-in-training.com/2012/12/oreo-rice-krispie-treats/) I made a bunch of them and shipped them to the boys at their pre-deployment site and they were evidently a huge hit. I love experimenting with different rice krispie treats. One of my favorite variety is to use Peanut Butter Cheerios and then mix peanut butter in with the marshmallows and add mini chocolate chips when your done. Very yummy! Seriously though, I will start cooking again and share more of my recipes with you. I do have some delicious ones up my sleeves, I just have to remember to take photos throughout the process like I did for my family meatloaf recipe from earlier.

Works been pretty good the past few days, very busy, but that’s the way I like it. I think Amelia and I loaded and unloaded somewhere in the range of 50 or so 50 pound bags of feed yesterday (yaaa check out my guns!). I attended and assisted my first off property animal show. It was at a nursing home about 20 minutes from Nemacolin, it was a lot of fun. Although being at a nursing home makes me never ever want to get old, I just could never imagine living like that or being in that condition. I figure I am going to stay young forever (just like everyone else plans to do).

And I want to interrupt for a second to let you know that Martin (Pittsburgh Penguin) just scored and awesome slap shot against Ottawa.

Ummm sorry, got distracted by hockey there. Actually, no I am not sorry at all because hockey is AWESOME.

I looked at a house yesterday, a little two bed room duplex about 35 minutes from where I work, which is still a lot closer than the hour commute I have now, but if I am moving I think I want to move still closer than 35 minutes and the house wasn’t really what I was looking for. It was very old and just some parts, like the bathroom, were too cramped for my liking. I would have to put a girth limit on who could use my bathroom if I moved there, then again it did have an outhouse outside that it shared with the neighbor…  so the hunt will continue. Oh oh!! Star Trek Into Darkness came out in theaters today!! I am pretty stoked about that, my dad will have to come visit or I’ll go down to him and we’ll watch it in IMAX . Yeah, I am a geek at heart. I love my Star Trek and Star Wars. But if you have seen the new Star Trek that came out a few years ago, you would understand – it was amazing! And I bet this one will be just as good. Definitely a new generation of Trekkies will ensue, I hope.

Well, that’s all for my ramblings tonight. I have one more day of work tomorrow then I get three whole days off! Woot woot! (What am I going to do with myself?)

Go watch the Pens teach the Senators a thing or two about hockey.

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