I have always enjoyed photography, when I was a teenager I would take photos of the environment around me and would enter photography contests at the local county fair. That hobby has only grown tenfold into a full out passion. It is another way that I get to share my adventures with you.

I am extremely lucky to have incredible opportunities to travel throughout South Africa and parts of southern Africa and so I never travel anywhere without my camera! I have recently also started playing a bit more with filming, but am a long way away from videoing a documentary, I will leave that up to some of my very talented friends! My video goal is to provide more content for you to allow you to be more a part of my stories by being able to watch the action. Keep an eye out for that, or catch tidbits on my Instagram stories from time to time!

Just like my paintings, I am still trying to work out the finer details of selling prints. It is fairly simple to sell online to those of you in America right now, but I am working on finding local printing companies here in South Africa. If you are interested in purchasing one of my prints, just drop me a line on email jo@adventureiswild. We can chat about sizing options, prices, shipping, etc and make a plan for you!

All of the profits go back into my conservation work and helps keep this adventure going.

If there are any photos you have seen on my Instagram that are not in this gallery and you would like a print of them, just shoot me a message!

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