Hi there! Welcome to a glimpse into my crazy gypsy life.

Check out my blog, oogle over photographs, find you way to my social media pages, or just read a little bio. Do whatever. Support my conservation efforts and purchase some prints. Hang out. Put your feet up.

But, mostly, just enjoy!


Help support my work!

An unfortunate side of conservation is that it can be very expensive and does not pay much (or sometimes anything) to those dedicating their lives to it. My projects costs include fuel, basic living and accommodation (because I kinda do require food and water to survive), and other programme costs. Donations are always so appreciated and a big part of how I am able to continue my work. If I need anything specific such as camera traps, collars, etc I will do a seperate fundraiser for those specific items so that you can be a part of the action! Thank you so much for your contributions!