I am really, really not good at this! Bu I know some of my family (Hi Uncle Mark and Aunt Sandy!) follow this so I am going to try to make it a goal to at least update once a week to keep everyone in the loop. Now as you might (I know it’s only been forever) remember from previous posts, I am kind of a gym rat… well over this past year that has completely taken off after I decided back in March that I want to start competing in bodybuilding. Don’t worry, I am not looking to go to level you’re thinking right now. In women’s bodybuilding there and many different divisions and I have elected to compete in the bikini division. According to the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilding (OCB):

“A specific level of muscularity or leanness is not sought after for OCB Bikini competition. Judging is based on having an overall healthy-looking toned body with good symmetry, shape, fullness, balance and proportion with good poise, posture, confidence, stage presence and comfortable presentation.”

So no Arnold Schwarzenegger here. But anywho, I proceeded to spend the next 5 months working my butt off in the gym and maintaining extreme self-control on following my diet plan created by my dear friend, Kevin Klein.  I competed this past Saturday at the OCB City of Champions show and placed 2nd in Novice bikini and 4th overall bikini – not bad for my first show!

Suns out… buns out (??)

I couldn’t have done it without the love and support of my boyfriend and my mom – my two biggest fans!

Now I am completely hooked! I am already searching for my next show and am eager to compete again. One of my college buddies that I haven’t seen since college messaged me that he has recently gotten involved in competing too and is doing his second show on October 4th and this show is called the Big Cat Classic (I mean how perfect is that for me?). We are currently 6 weeks out from October 4th which gives me time to get my body even closer to my goals and some time to experiment some and learn how my body reacts to different diets. Since I am not a nutritionist or a trainer, Google has been my best friend in this and I found a diet from Beautiful to the Core which has basically been my diet for the past few months, but she incorporates carb cycling once every 2-3 days. I haven’t tried carb cycling so why not give it a shot and see how my body reacts. This is my currently diet plan (from Beautiful to the Core):

(Minus the Stevia, I prefer Truvia and only on occasions)

I am going to keep my gym routine pretty much the same which follows: Back, Shoulders, Rest, Legs, Arms, Rest. Repeat. Keep my weights high, my sets around 3-4 and reps around 10-12. That seems to have worked for me so I will keep it up. However, I definitely need to add in more core and plan to incorporate ab days 3 times a week for now. Since I am 6 weeks out, I will do cardio daily. My personal favorite forms of cardio are the Stair Master (it works your ass off, literally), and running outdoors (if the weather is behaving).

So that’s the plan and probably what I will end of talking about the most on here.

Other than the gym and meal prep, work consumes the rest of my life. Seriously, my typical day starts at 5am, with me leaving my house at 5:45am, going to work, going the gym, and getting home around 8pm, meal prepping for the next day, some around the house type chores, then going to bed only to do it all the next day. I have no life. I realize how long this entry is already getting so I won’t continue with my novel today, but I do have Tuesday off so if you can wait that long (shoot, you’ve already been waiting over a year), I will update you on the rest of the happenings in my life. Until Tuesday… tootles!

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