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I guess I am the owl lady now…

A few weeks ago…. Umm okay it was just over a month ago looking at the date (3 November), Dr Joao brought a little Southern white-faced owl to Karingani for release. Apparently, the little guy was confiscated from the illegal pet trade in the Maputo area and then hand raised by a rehabber. As the sun was beginning to set, we opened up the … Read More I guess I am the owl lady now…

Wedding festivities

Just the other week, I was honoured to be asked to attend and photograph a local wedding in Massingir. Our head of the special operations group, Frenque was hosting the wedding as the godfather of the ceremony and asked if I could come and take photos. Debora also joined as a guest and to help with photography equipment. It was an absolutely incredible experience! … Read More Wedding festivities

I am alive!

Hey strangers (both figuratively and literally), how’s it going? I know I have not posted on here in rather a long time, I have had some stalker issues (how fun). But I have decided that I miss you guys and want to resume sharing my stories with you. Instead of posting a whole ten-page long blog post about what I have been up to … Read More I am alive!