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I am alive!

Hey strangers (both figuratively and literally), how’s it going? I know I have not posted on here in rather a long time, I have had some stalker issues (how fun). But I have decided that I miss you guys and want to resume sharing my stories with you. Instead of posting a whole ten-page long blog post about what I have been up to … Read More I am alive!


Cold Showers

Good morning and happy Friday. Oops I lied. It is Saturday, but it takes too much to delete that line and re-write it. Plus, it actually is a good representation of my current mind – aka I have no clue what day it is. This past week, er really two weeks, actually this whole year has just seemed to flash by in a blink. … Read More Cold Showers

The Renoster has arrived

Good morning and happy August! It is absolutely freezing this morning, but the weather in general is heating up and the sun is rising earlier each morning. I love it! I even wore shorts for a bit yesterday! But right now, at 06:30 it is cold. I am currently sitting on my couch wrapped up in my favourite blanket. Hedwig is perched above my … Read More The Renoster has arrived