Just kinda bummed out these past few days. Really missing J… and to top it off on my way to work yesterday morning a deer decided to commit suicide by Cavalier and hopped out in front of my car.

I have killed deer with shotguns, rifles, and have even sliced the throat on one with a knife before, but this was my first deer with a car. She was a good sized, mature doe too – I’d guess in the 100-110 pound range. And I got her good, the poor Tank (nickname for J’s ’97 Chevy Cavalier) has some major front end damage. It was really weird, the whole thing felt like it took place in slow motion. I saw two does running out in front of me, slammed on the breaks, but knew that it was too late, I could not do anything about it. I saw the one hit the hood, bounce off, take a few leaps off the side of the road, and go down while the other kept running into the wood line. I can tell you that I hit the larger of the two does (of course it always seems to work out that way). It was just strange how I can see ever detail of the accident. I wrecked my truck many many years ago into a telephone pole (long story that doesn’t need to be shared) but that whole thing was a blur, grated it was lot worse wreck, but I cannot recall any of the details. But then again, that could also be attributed to me hitting my head against the windshield… And other than that the only other “wrecks” I have been in have all been purposely done in the demolition derby ring. Yes, I very much enjoy the “sport” of grown-up bumper cars, aka demolition derby. So this was a very different and new experience for me.

I was almost a tad bit excited (don’t judge) cause she was initially still alive and I thought I would have the opportunity to use my DiamondBack 9mm and get my first pistol kill to put her out of her misery. However Trooper Brett showed up and while we were talking/writing up an incident report, the doe passed away on her own. (Don’t worry, I did check just to make sure, I can’t stand animals suffering unnecessarily). Trooper Brett was very kind and helped out a lot. I had no idea what steps to take next and since it was about 6:20 in the morning on Mother’s Day Sunday, no one I called (except my own mother who is 4 hours away in Maryland and can’t do much from there) was awake to assist. He helped to calm me down some since I was a bit shaken up, looked over the car with me and agreed that it was drivable, wrote up an incident report that I could submit to insurance to prove that I did hit a deer and wasn’t at fault, and gave me his information if I needed any further assistance. Good job, Trooper Brett and the PA State Police – I am impressed and very appreciative!

Poor Tank

I got really lucky though. To my very expert knowledge (which actually isn’t that expert at all), I would guess that it just needs a new hood, hood latch, and headlight. It’s still drivable with no damage to any working parts, just cosmetic. I did Kelly Blue Book it and the value of the car in “good” condition is only around $2,200… so I am really not sure how much I want to put into it. Heck insurance might possibly total it just because it might not be worth it to fix. So perhaps, I’ll replace the head light and do some hammering to the hood and keep going, unless I can find one at a junk yard for a reasonable price. I mean the thing is dubbed The Tank for a reason. Then just save up money and look for a new car in the next year or so. I know J’s been talking about buying a new car when he gets back from deployment.

But even so, it was my first time hitting a deer, I did it in J’s car and not mine which makes it worse in my mind (luckily he’s not upset about it at all and is just happy that I am okay), have been in a bummed mood lately, and just putting it all together equals me having a sweatpants type lazy day off today. I think after all that’s happen I deserve it, what do you think? I have Call of Duty on the PlayStation updating it’s maps so my evening will consist of virtually killing people from my big comfy bed. And possibly I’ll throw in a chick flick, drink some wine, cuddle with the puppies, and cry a bit. That too, for some reason, sounds pretty appealing. God, I’m such a girl sometimes. Sigh.

On a side note, yesterday was Mother’s Day and today is my mama’s birthday. So I would like to give a shout out to my mama:

Mom, I love you very, very much! I am so blessed to have you and that we have such a strong relationship. You are not only my mother, you are my best friend and I value that more than you can ever imagine. You are the strongest woman person that I know and I can only help that one day I can be half the woman that you are. You truly are a real life superhero, and I know that everyone is jealous that I am so lucky to have you as my mama! I miss you dearly and wish that I could spend this day with you! I love you with all my heart! I hope to come visit and see you soon!

Love, your daughter, JoJo

And also, a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there! 🙂 I hope that y’all had a good Mother’s Day.

Peace out homies.

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