Here’s your weekly (has it been weekly? I don’t think so but let’s pretend) zoo update. Elsie and Annabelle, the mini longhorns that mom brought up, are doing well. Elsie (the mom) has figured out the petting zoo routine and will come up and eat grain out of guests’ hands. The fainting goats are also doing well, just refusing to faint so everyone thinks their duds – I swear they are fainters! I am not sure why they won’t faint at the petting zoo, perhaps too many non-fainting goats? No clue.

Oh something funny happened today. When I was giving a safari tour we stopped at Icesis’ (the white Bengal tiger) enclosure. She is always a crowd pleaser, not just because she is stunningly beautiful,

but because she always comes up to enjoy being fed chicken pieces by the guest (off a long stick through a small cut out in wood surrounded by Plexiglas – we don’t let the guests actually touch the exotics per PA state laws). Sometimes she just needs a little coaxing out of her house, but she’ll come up. Also, she’s super gentle and very friendly with lots of chuffing (a tiger’s way of purring). The story goes that she use to be a Vegas show cat and even lived at the Playboy Mansion for some time. But anyways, I am rambling – back to the story. Icesis was chilling in her house and I called and called trying to get her to come out, finally she jumps down off her ledge in there and heads to the door, but then she jumped back about a foot and hissed at something in the hay at her entrance and refused to come out. I couldn’t see anything that would have startled her so I just kept calling and calling, finally she leaped high over the hay and came to visit but kept a wary eye on the hay by her house. Finally one of the guests noticed what it was that had her so scared – a tiny little garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis). This 400 pound cat is scared terrified of a 12 inch long, harmless garter snake! It was pretty humorous and was definitely the highlight of the tour.

Our days are about to start to pick up as we get closer to Memorial Day weekend and the official start of resort season. We have a few animal shows at various school groups over the next two weeks and I am extremely excited to do those! I just can’t wait to take small exotics to school and educate kids on the different animals on stage. Sounds like it’s going to be a ton of fun even if all of my co-workers think I’m crazy for being excited for it.

Diesel currently has his muzzle under my arm and keeps nudging my hands away from the keyboard trying to convince me he wants to go outside, so I probably better go do that. And I kinda smell like a zoo for some odd reason, so I probably should go shower as well… have a goodnight and I’ll talk to you soon. 🙂

PS – before I leave, here’s a few pics from Mom’s visit!



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