What’s going on? I’m just enjoying a yoga pants and bum clothes day off. Since I usually work weekends my days off fall during the week most of the time, which really doesn’t affect anything for me.

Sigh. Yesterday, my baby, Diesel, celebrated his fourth birthday. I cannot believe he is already four years old! He had a good birthday, we actually celebrated the night before since the weather was perfect. Him and Glock (my other “adopted” boy), enjoyed some homemade peanut butter flavored doggy cake at a cookout, complete with marshmallows over the fire pit, although the pups didn’t get any marshmallows. He got his new leather collar from Gun Dog Supply and looks utterly handsome in it!

The birthday boy

Diesel and Glock

I still just can’t get over the fact he’s already four.

Work is still just as incredible as day one. I lead my first safari tour by myself yesterday and I think I nailed it even though it was cold and raining the group seemed to have a great time. We had an advanced horseback ride which is usually a 1 ½ – 2 hour intense, advanced ride jumping logs and creeks as well as full out cantering and galloping that has to be scheduled in advanced – not for a novice rider. I wasn’t on this ride since I was doing safari tours, but the group that came for the advanced ride when they were filling out their wavers told us they were really experienced riders since they have gone on two walking trail rides before and two of them had no experience and were a bit nervous around horses. Did I mention that this was an ADVANCED ride? Yeah. Okay, just making sure. I missed all the excitement but one of the group members ending up falling off their horse and refusing to get back on (they were completely fine, so no injuries, just hurt pride). I still have not decided if I am bummed I missed the excitement or glad to not have had to deal with it. We do get some interesting guests in, but so far everyone that I have met has been so friendly and just excited to learn about the animals. Even the rider that fell off still had a good time, just learned that horseback riding isn’t something she wants to continue. (On a side note for those non-horse riders out there, falling off is almost a requirement for becoming an experienced rider, it happens to everyone. I’ve fallen off multiple times myself.)

I am trying to think what else is going on in life right now… my boyfriend’s dad just bought a motorcycle, a 2007 Yamaha 650 Vstar Silverado. So, I am pretty excited about visiting him down in Virginia Beach this summer and going for a ride! I love bikes, and I really do plan on getting my license and eventually my own bike, just need to find the time and money for the course.  I washed my truck the other day. That was exciting; it was wayyyy overdue for a good bath. Oh oh! Nemacolin bought our miniature Texas longhorn heifer calf and some fainting goats for their petting zoo so mom is coming up to visit tomorrow and bring up the animals! That should be fun, I cannot wait to give her a tour of the zoo and have her meet all my new babies! My weight lifting is currently in slow mode since I am not sure where I will be living in the next month or so, I can’t get myself to throw down $100 and join a gym I might move away from. So right now all I have is calisthenics, running, and a set of adjustable dumbbells up to 55lbs, which is still not bad at all – I just miss the gym. Yeah, I know, I am kind of a meathead.

That’s all I can think of for now, I’ll let you know what mom thinks of the animals next time!

Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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