Hi there. How did your day go?

I had a pretty crazy adventure last night with a kudu behind my house which made last night end up not being the quiet, early night I had hoped for. Today started very early too soooo my evening workout consisted of a resistant band shoulder routine and laying on my front porch reading a book, but hey at least I got somewhat of a workout in, right? I have also started tracking my daily macros, so we’ll see where that takes me. It’s very hard to figure out proper fitness and nutrition here when all of our meals are served cafeteria style and consist of about 80% carbs for each meal. I am very thankful for my FitCRUNCH Baked Protein bars and oodles of packets of Performix Pro Whey + protein that I brought with me. I’d be lost for breakfast without them and throughout the day too! Protein isn’t the easiest to get on the meal schedule when pasta is so much cheaper in bulk quantities.

Annnnd back to my day. Paige, our Livestock Guard Dog Programme manager, had an appointment in town so I got to be in charge of the dogs today. The dog routine starts out with early meds at 0700 then you prepare diets and feed everyone, weigh the puppies (they’re about 3 weeks old now), clean and check the sutures of the older puppies who recently were spayed and neutered (all looked good), clean all the dog pens, and then of course the most critical part – give each dog lots of love while checking over them (my favorite part). I spent a good while hanging out with Nesbit and Lady who are allllll the way on the other side of the center in the Silver Pens until the new dog pens get finished. Nesbit is a big lover and a bit of a slobbery mess that insists on giving you an extra bath every 5 seconds. Lady is much quieter, but will let you know when you’ve neglected to continue to pet her by placing her paw on your leg. I love them both. After all the food, meds, poop, kisses, and snuggles I went over to the kaarals to help the farm team with bottle feeding the goat kids and did some raking of the kaaral pens too.

Lunch time then back to the office to get some computer work done before the afternoon dog routine starts back up which is essentially the same as the morning just minus the puppy weighing and we walk the dogs in the afternoons too. I walked Bolt, the 15 week old breeder male puppy. He got a little lesson in manors and a quick intro to the sit when we stop concept of heeling, but he did really really well on a leash – Paige has done well with him. Annnddd that was pretty much my work day today. Nothing too crazy, but I love spending time with the dogs and the livestock so it was a good day.

Now I am sitting at my picnic table on my front porch, writing this and waiting on dinner time. I just saw a little mongoose too not too far from my porch a few minutes ago. Tarik offered to take my phone into Windhoek and see if he can find a repair shop to get it fixed for me since he was going there for a conference this week anyways. So cross your fingers that I will have a working phone by Friday and can get some photos added into these things for you so you have something to look other than just my ramblings.

Food time! Tootles!

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