So I was asked to share the story that Nick told me on my first night here, I had to look it up to make sure I got it all correct.

This is the story of how Zebra got his stripes…

In the early days, when the earth was young, the land was hot and dry. Water was scarce across the great land. The watering hole was a haven to animals far and wide.

At one such water hole, Baboon came along, and greed lead him down a dark path. He made himself guard of the water hole.

He lit a fire to warm himself at night & chased off other animals who wanted a drink, telling them that the water was his.

Many days and nights passed, and the animals grew weary with thirst thanks to the cruel-hearted and greedy baboon.

One morning Zebra came to quench his thirst after a long and tiring journey.

In the early days Zebra didn’t have his stripes, he wore a coat of dazzling pure white fur.

As he approached the water Baboon jumped up angrily and said “Go away, I am the lord of this water and it is mine!”

Thirsty Zebra challenged him and said “Water belongs to everyone, not just you.”

This infuriated Baboon who then shouted “If you want a drink of water, you’ll have to fight me for it.”

The two animals were soon engaged in a fierce struggle that seemed to go on forever. Baboon used his strength and large teeth, Zebra kicked and bit back.

Finally Zebra gave a mighty kick and sent Baboon flying onto the tall rocks of the kopje behind the pool of water.

Zebra kicked so hard he stumbled and staggered backwards, falling into Baboon’s fire in the kaaral. This sent burning sticks flying high into the air, and as they fell back to earth they skimmed Zebra’s beautiful white coat, leaving black scorch marks all over Zebra.

Brave Zebra triumphantly called all of the other animals to come and drink. As a mark of gratitude and respect zebras still wear those black marks to this day, to remember brave Zebra who stood up to Baboon.

The arrogant baboon landed smack on his rear with a mighty thud after the grand kick. He continues to live among the rocks (as angry as ever) nursing the sore, bald patch on his behind where he landed.

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