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I didn’t realize we were talking dirty

Well this week came and went, it seems like all the weeks have been doing that. We are now halfway through our summer. Crazy. Tuesday we hit up a few bridges and found some rather interesting scat that had tons of crayfish in it and was scattered in an otter-like manor. We took a sample and vigorously searched the area. We found some odd … Read More I didn’t realize we were talking dirty


Well. We had a pretty good weekend, spent Friday out on the river fishing for walleye. We caught 5 and cooked em up for dinner Saturday night – delicious!!   We spent some time both Saturday and Sunday scoping out spots and developing plans for angler surveys. So this is our dilemma. We have to interview around 200 anglers, but hardly anyone fishes from … Read More Starbucks..

It’s a cowboy… riding a triceratops

Wait a minute, it’s Thursday already? And we are off tomorrow – so its pseudoFriday? SCORE! Seriously, where did this past week go? Not that I am complaining, I am overjoyed at the thought of a beer and pizza night then sleeping in tomorrow. Sounds brilliant. We had planning on conquering the Cannonball River via canoe on Tuesday. Problem. Don’t tell him this, but … Read More It’s a cowboy… riding a triceratops