Well. We had a pretty good weekend, spent Friday out on the river fishing for walleye. We caught 5 and cooked em up for dinner Saturday night – delicious!!


We spent some time both Saturday and Sunday scoping out spots and developing plans for angler surveys. So this is our dilemma. We have to interview around 200 anglers, but hardly anyone fishes from the shoreline here – everyone owns their own boats. We can’t get people in the morning before they go out on the water because we are worried they will be too much in a rush to get into the water to be willing to be interviewed on beaver.  And then when they are pulling their boats out, as they walk from boat to their truck they’ll be in a rush to get the boat loaded and out of the way so other boats can dock and come out, then once the boats loaded they usually hop in their trucks and leave right away. We are thinking about setting up a station at boat docks that have fish cleaning stations and try to get people as they clean their fish, but other than that we are kinda stuck for ideas on how to interview more people. One idea we had was to set up stations outside bait and tackle shops and try for that approach, but there are only about 3 shops in the area. Another idea we had would be to take our boat and stalk angling boats, but I am not sure I am comfortable with that. I know if someone pulled up to my boat and started asking questions about beaver while I was trying to fish that I would not but much of a happy camper about the situation. Anyone out that have any suggestions for us? We definitely need any suggestions we can get!

Now, the reason for my title. Currently the shop/office where we live has lost all internet connection and we had designated today to be an office day to catch up on paperwork, etc. Well the weather cooperated with that plan and its currently raining, so it’s a good office day minus the internet. Which means we are currently camped out at the closest Starbucks sipping on yummy coffee and taking full advantage of the free wifi. But this means that unless we get internet back on at the shop it might be a few days before I post again. So don’t hold your breath.

And one quick picture before I get off – this is what free time and no internet, plus a huge scrap wood pile leads to:

Yes, be jealous of my mad pallet fabrication skills.

Until the ‘nets back up. Adios.

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