Hey strangers (both figuratively and literally), how’s it going?

I know I have not posted on here in rather a long time, I have had some stalker issues (how fun). But I have decided that I miss you guys and want to resume sharing my stories with you. Instead of posting a whole ten-page long blog post about what I have been up to in the past year (you can get an idea if you head over to Karingani’s Instagram @karinganimozambique as most of the photos and stories on there are mine), I have decided I am just going to start with today. So yeah, hi. And to my stalker, if you are still stalking after a year of me being quiet on here, welcome back, you truly are quite determined.

Let’s see what is going on now-a-days… I am still living in Karingani, Mozambique and still absolutely loving every minute of it – this place is magical! The weather is making an attempt to turn from winter into summer, we have had a few 41⁰C (that’s something like 104⁰F for you Americans on here), but after some nice hot days, the temps have been plummeting back to arctic cold. Okay, so maybe 18⁰C (64⁰F) is not that cold for most of you, but you have to remember I have become a complete and total weenie when it comes to cold weather so yeah, it has been cold. Today is not too bad though, it’s been overcast with thunderclouds threatening with their rumbles mixed in with times of sunshine – I am telling you the weather gods have no idea what they are doing lately.

Today was an office day for me, working on some photo edits and finishing up with making fun a fun digital flip book for the annual report as well as trying to solicit donations to purchase a new satellite tracking collar or two for the wild dogs. Anyone want to buy a tracking collar for a highly endangered species??? Don’t worry, I will post a nice soliciting post on here for you about that. Speaking of which, I am trying to get involved in Reddit, and honestly have no clue what I am doing. Blair (brother-in-law) told me that Reddit raised nearly $400,000 for gorilla conservation and now I am determined to put Karingani and wild dogs on their radar. So, if any of you have Reddit experience – HELP!

I think for dinner tonight, I am going to pull on those Southern routes and make some chili and cornbread with a side of fried cabbage – sounds good doesn’t it. Okay wow, I am all over the board with this post and there is absolutely no theme or flow to it, so I think I am just going to stop typing right now before it goes off the deep end. Thanks for sticking around and not giving up on me, I will try to get back into the rhythm of things and might just post some of my Karingani blogs on here as well from the past year to give you something more to read.

And here’s a random photo of the doggos this morning begging to come in to the office with me…

Enjoy your day!

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