This little girl is a fighter. Hedwig is still with us, though it has been a really tough couple of days. Unfortunately, she has not made much improvement, but she does seem to allow me to force feed her a bit easier – I think she understands that I am trying to help. So I am at least getting some more substance into her. I have chatted with raptor rehabbers and captive breeders all around the world and so far no one seems to be able to diagnose what is wrong from afar and getting to a vet is not really an option here. For now, all I can do is just keep trying. As long as Hedwig is willing to keep fighting, so am it.

On a side note – The weather here has no clue what it wants to do. Yesterday was 33 and quite warm, almost hot and then today it is probably only about 20-21, I am currently bundled up in a jersey and Hedwig is sleeping away on a hot water bottle. I know most of you are from America and are heading into summer now, well we are the opposite and are getting ready for winter. Though I was chatting with my sister and her family on Sunday and it sounds like right now the weather here is nearly the same as in Maryland. I hope it does not get too cold here in winter though – all my winter clothes are at my house in Joburg!

1 Comment on “A Quick Update

  1. Hi Jo,
    Keep up the fight as long as it makes sense.
    Take care and be safe.

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