You may have noticed a new tab in the top right corner of this site – I am doing a test run of selling my art prints. If you want to check them out or even make a purchase, just click on ‘Artwork.’ 😊

ve Monday morning to start my field work, so this week has been really busy prepping and getting ready for that (and also spending as much time with my friends and Ryno as I can). I got to experience my first rugby game on Monday and went to UCT’s game vs Wits. It was so much fun! Definitely no where near the university football vibe you get in America, but we still painted our faces and had a blast rooting for our team! (UCT lost, but that’s besides the point). I could definitely get into rugby more and will make it a goal to learn what I can this year about it. Then really get on supporting my uni next year when I am back from field work. I also learned a really fun game called squash. It is a bit similar to racquetball, where you have a court and hit a bouncing ball with rackets.

I am really going to push for selling my truck while I am briefly in the states in April because I will need to buy a vehicle here once I finish my field work in December. Luckily, I have a Panthera truck to use from Monday to December for getting around. If you or anyone you know in the PA, MD, VA area want to buy a beautiful 2010 Dodge 1500 – let me know! 😉

Once I head out Monday, I won't have WiFi again for a few months or longer and while I will have good phone service at some places, data here is expensive which means I will be staying off most social medias. I will try to keep this updated as much as I can though and will still have access to email, FB messenger and WhatsApp if you need to get a hold of me.

I will miss this view and the ocean!

My next post will be coming at you from the bush!


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