Well let’s make that move… number four is it? I have nearly lost count.

My wonderful little wooded escape turned out to be beautifully scenic and convenient for walking to work, but apparently living in the middle of nowhere while still be surrounded by a major city isn’t the safest option. In less than two weeks the house was broken into three times and I learned that the dark path I walk through the woods in the morning before the sun comes up is nicknamed “the rape path.”

I have terrible luck with housing here. But it is working out. I am currently staying at Gareth’s which is a bit of a hike to get into work but luckily he also works in town so we just carpool and it all works out! We checked out a lovely wine farm this past weekend, Durbanville Hills Winery. We got a biltong and wine pairing sampler. For those that don’t know and because I do not think I have explained it on here yet, though if I did already then oh well – but biltong is the southern (I think only southern, hmmm I have to go do some research now) Africa version of jerky but a hundred times better. It is not nearly as dry as jerky and often times you can get it in all sorts of antelope varieties (kudu is my favourite). I have fallen in love with a South African signature style of wine called pinotage which is a red wine developed in the 1920s from cross between Pinot noir and Cinsaut. It is absolutely delicious! I am still learning how to be a wine connoisseur but can’t wait to learn more as I am definitely in the perfect place for wine!

I cannot believe it is nearly the end of August already! Where has this past year gone?! I am getting closer to my field work survey and am getting excited for it! I am still working on the whole visa fiasco, but I think I am FINALLY actually making some progress (fingers crossed anyways.) Oh that reminds me, in South Africa they don’t say “fingers crossed” instead they say “holding thumbs.” *shrugs* NO idea where that one came from, but it’s fun to learn the little differences like that.

Joy and her husband, Sterling are in Cape Town on holiday all the way from Poolesville. She was super kind and brought a whole suitcase for me of little odds and ends that I left back home, new Playstation games (I HAVE LITTLE BIG PLANET 3!!!!!!), PUMPKIN BEER!! and lots of American sweeties like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Lifesavers for the office. It’s nice getting an extra large care package from home and dad did a great job getting everything together. Plus my fruitcake, Alice, sent the sweetest shirts, fun socks and new toys for Ryno (which he was ecstatic over)!!! Such a wonderful surprise! Thank you everyone! ❤ ❤ xoxo

I think the weather here is starting to warm up, we are having more and more warm days. I also noticed some buds on a tree the other day – spring is coming!! I am super excited for summer here, I cannot wait to go lay out on the beach and enjoy the warm summer sun. Apparently it doesn’t even get humid here either. This place is so perfect.

Well I have some camera trap photos to classify, so I best be going. But for now, enjoy some of my favourites from a study site I am working on in Southeast Asia!



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