I am pretty sure I eluded to the difficulties of public transport already, well I have solved my problem. Thursday night I bought myself a beautiful, black cherry Yamaha scooter!



Beep beep! Now I just have to figure out how to drive it…. On the wrong side of the road. Yesterday morning I took it for a spin around Woodstock and was concentrating on staying up right that when a car started coming at me I suddenly forgot which side of the road I was supposed to be riding on. Oops! So, I did this comical little zig zag back and forth a few times before I remembered I must go against my instincts. The driver of the car was laughing and waved at me as we passed. Scooter life on the wrong side of the road is a terrifying adventure, but I am sure I will figure it out quick.


Safety first! Damn, I am cool. 😛

I have also found the most INCREDIBLE gym I have ever been a member of. Up until Wednesday I have been going to the UCT gym at the university. It’s okay, a bit dated, but its biggest problem is its tiny and get SUPER PACKED to the point where you cannot move, much less work out. And dumbbells and weights are thrown and scatted throughout the whole gym. It was very frustrating. I was complaining to my colleagues about it Wednesday morning when Chris suggested I look into the Sports Science Institute, which conveniently enough is located near campus and offers staff discounts. I went straight away after work on Wednesday and fell completely and totally in love. This gym is AMAZING! It is huge, has everything you can imagine weight, machine, and cardio wise, has a yoga studio, offers tons of group classes, has a swimming pool, and all the equipment is less than 2 months old. Oh, plus it is pretty cheap with a UCT staff/student discount. Boom! Now I am finally, after nearly a year, getting back into a steady gym routine and love it. Its amazing how having a gym routine helps me centre myself in so many aspects, it truly is my therapy.


I hung out with my new roommates at my house yesterday. They’re wonderful, I cannot wait to move in this week! My AirBnB hosts have been amazing, but it’ll be nice to have my own space that I can really make mine. The house itself is beautiful too, I will post lots of photos for you when I move in! 😊

On a less happy note. Paperwork for Diesel is becoming more of a process than I had imagined and that combined with the difficulties of me getting my own visa, I have decided to push off Diesel’s move until after I get back from field work in October or November. Sigh. I hate not having him here.

And I will end this post with some cool camera trap photos from this week courtesy of Panthera’s CameraCATalogue.


These guys are about to drop a hot new album


Really cool markings on this guy




I adore Roan antelope ears! 

3 Comments on “Watch out world, I have new wheels!

  1. That’s awesome 😊 I hope you get diesel soon. Be careful out their.

  2. Awesome Bike…so cool 🙂 Diesel is doing well. Starts off in his bed, but by morning is taking up a good part of mine. 🙂 Love you! Be Safe!

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