I have said this before and I will say it again. Not-typical is very typical in the day-to-day life here at CCF. You can plan every minute of your day out first thing in the morning and the next thing you know a wild cheetah (who was being tracked by another organisation) is being brought in to our veterinary clinic because he suffered wounds from a confrontation with a leopard and your whole day then must shift around. But at least that adventure was pretty dang exciting! He had one good paw swipe that needed cleaned out and stitched up, but hopefully he’ll be back on his feet and be able to be released in no time.

Currently, we are gearing up to celebrate International Cheetah Day, which is this coming Sunday, the 4th of December. We are hosting a free day out our Centre. I have been working extensively with Nadja to plan fun activities throughout the day. I might even get roped into painting faces for half the day. We’re going to be offering our Centre Feeding educational talk and feeding of the centre cats for free too.

If Namibia might be a little far for you to come visit, don’t worry, there are many ways you can celebrate International Cheetah Day right there, in your your home town! You can check out http://internationalcheetahday.com/events/ to see International Cheetah Day events all over the world and find out which one is closer to you!

Or you can participate virtually by joining the conversation on social media by using hashtags #SaveTheCheetah #IntlCheetahDay or by swapping your online social media profile photo for a cheetah! You can also visit http://internationalcheetahday.com for more ideas, print outs, Facebook cover photos, and more!

Or just go with the first option and hop on the next flight to Namibia and come visit me here!

Okay there was a lot of shameless plugs in this entry, but I am also blogging for the CCF website soooo I might have taken the lazy way out and cut and pasted bits and pieces from my blog for the website. Once my blogs start getting posted regularly, I’ll post links to them – although there is a good chance there will be regular cross-overs from that blog to this one.



Photo creds: Cameron Murrin

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