So, here’s the deal. I am not completely neglecting you, I swear. Our internet just has been really, really temperamental lately. (It’s a good excuse, and it’s mostly true.)

I do write up my blogs still, I just don’t always get the chance to (or remember to) post them so you can actually read them. Today is…. Wednesday, at least I think it’s Wednesday. It was sandwich day at lunch, so it’s definitely Wednesday. Oh man, I am not even half way through the week. My next day off isn’t until Tuesday!

Why is it so crazy you might ask? Well we have been running on a small staff for a few months now and have been handling it very well, if you ask me. This week however, we are very, very, VERY short staffed. Our veterinarian, Emma, along with Bart and Ashley are all away Monday-Thursday to do immobilization training. Paige and Sam are at a workshop yesterday and all day today. Nadja is out Thursday to go pick up Laurie and Tess at the airport. Bruce is in Germany all week. Mike is out Thursday and Friday for a conference…. So that leaves Becky and I plus two interns to take care of 39 cheetahs, all the dogs,  the horses, do cheetah runs every single day, behind the scenes tours, normal daily husbandry and cleaning tasks, AND make sure all of the spring cleaning gets done. I ended up stealing the two genetics interns as well so that gave us a few extra bodies at least. It’s a super busy week, but we are surviving. It’s 18h00 and I am off of work for the day, so that’s not too terrible. Only a 11 hour day today. I can tell you this though, I am extremely proud of the other staff here. Everyone has stepped up and volunteered to help out in duties that they normally are never asked to do. Everyone has been working together and this week has been going way better than I could have imagined. Have I told you how much I love the people here?

Oh oh!! I finally got my care package from home!! Mom and dad sent it out at the end of September and I got it yesterday! It has tons of Performix protein powder, clothes I had asked for, a converter connector thingy so I can hook my laptop up to a second screen, and dryer sheets!! No, we don’t have any clothes dryers, but they just smell SO good and it reminds me of home. It’s the little things. ❤

For future reference if anyone out there wants to send me a care package (which I LOVE to receive. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge). It takes about 6-10 weeks for them to arrive here. 😉

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