Hey! Guess what! Guess what!!!!

Did ya guess yet?

NO! I did not get a pet elephant. Although that would be pretty sweet. I would name him Pete. Pete the elephant, and I would ride him everywhere instead of my truck and tie him to the bike rack while I get the both of us a sandwich. Yeah, Pete would love sammiches. You really just me to shut up and tell you what my news is dontcha? Okay okay. I GOT AN INTERVIW! I am not going to tell you where because I don’t want to jinx it, but it’s a wildlife related job and it’s a big girl job. Full time with benefits! Yippie ki yay! I interviewed on Friday and it went really well! Everyone was so nice and I feel that I am a really good fit with the group. They said I would hear back in 1-2 weeks, soooo now it is the dreaded waiting game. I am so excited to find out! It would be such a blessing. So keep your fingers crossed for me! J

Yesterday was a good day. I found a Groupon for a $150 haircut, deep conditioning, full highlights, full lowlights, and style for only $50 at Pretty Hair Salon. I needed to at the minimum get my roots touched up (I went bought near blonde this past December). When I got there I was a bit apprehensive since my stylist was so young looking and had bubble gum pink hair. We talked about what I want and bam – perfect cut and style! It’s much darker than I was thinking, but much closer to my natural hair color so it’ll grow out nicely with little to know maintenance (that’s what I like to hear). I have never had lowlights before so I think that’s why I was surprised that it was dark, but it has bits of red in it and if we ever get sunshine, it’ll look amazing! So I highly recommend Pretty Hair Salon in Pittsburgh and if you want awesome color see Renee.

After my hair appointment, like I am sure most women, I was feeling pretty and in a good mood. Which was made even better when I met up with my girlfriend, Maryn. I definitely needed some quality girl time! Her fiancé, Boat as we call him, will be finishing up a 10 month deployment the same week J deploys. So it was nice to talk to her and hear how her year has gone and I got to talk about my fears and questions that I will soon be facing. Basically the first month is the worst. The missing him never goes away, but you learn to be okay with it. And ultimately it makes you stronger both as an individual and as a couple; you really learn how to appreciate the little things. Her reassurance helped me a lot. I know I can do this. It will go by a lot faster than I think, and it will be no time before he’s home again. Now, I just have to keep telling myself this over and over again for the next year. If I do get this job, I will be starting the same time he leaves, so then I would have that to focus on a keep my busy – another reason it would be such a blessing to get it. (Are your fingers still crossed?)

I know I keep telling you that I am going to start updating more and more on this. And I am sure by now you are rolling your eyes, but I am going to need someone to talk to when he’s gone. I really do believe that I will be on here more telling you about my day. It’s alright if you’re apprehensive to believe me, just wait and see. Starting in three weeks I’ll be here a whole lot more. Kind of like how it was this summer. See? I updated a lot then, so I will be back to that.

Until then, keep your fingers crossed and well, you might as well cross your toes too – I could really use this job!

TTFN – ta ta for now! 

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