Holy cow… this past weekend. I can pretty much sum it up in one word: awesome! And believe it or not we actually got a fair amount of surveys done while we were at Devil’s Lake. Sweet deal all around.

Friday evening we got to Devil’s Lake at Graham’s Island State Park and set up camp. We got lucky and got a perfect location right on the water and pretty far from the neighboring tent sites. As soon as the tent was set up and food unloaded we got Ryan’s boat out on the water headed out to a secret spot of his and got to fishing. Wow! I have never fished like that before. I could hardly even take a sip of my beer before I got a fish on the line. We were just catching walleye left and right with the occasional northern pike and I caught one white bass. Talk about fun! It is completely different than Maryland fishing, that’s for sure. I was doing such a good job catching fish that I even caught myself. Actually that was pretty scary. As I was trying to get the bass off the hook one of the treble hooks decided to hook into the front of my shorts – not a location where I would like to have a hook AT ALL. Ryan to the rescue! He helped me get unhooked so I could pose for the camera with my white bass.


We didn’t end up coming off the water until about 9:30-10 that night and Ryan taught Megan and I how to filet our fish, we did a pretty decent job if I say so myself. Cooked up some delicious jalapeño and cheddar brats over the fire then met up with some other Game and Fish guys who were also camping at the park and make a good night out of it to say the least. Woke up pretty early the next morning (I don’t know how this was accomplished), and hit the water again. The fishing was quite as fast and furious as it was the evening before, but it was still great! I caught a good sized, 21 inch walleye and Megan caught a 33 inch northern. We were both pretty dang proud of those catches.

Not too shabby.

Around lunchtime we headed back to shore to eat some mountain pies and so Ryan could take a nap while Meg and I actually got some work done. Have I mentioned how much I love the anglers here? I think the angler surveys even though are probably the dullest of our work, are actually becoming one of my favorites to conduct. Those fishermen just crack me up! I think the best beaver joke of the day was – Me: “have you ever seen a beaver?” Wisconsin fisherman: “shhhhhh, there’s kids around!” We had a good time just BSing with them and even jumped in to help clean some fish. I got to use an electric fileting knife for the first time. It’s easier than a regular one, but I feel like I have more control of the regular knife. After some good conversations and promises to share in some brewskis later at different camp sites, we hit the water once again. This time nothing. Same spot, same time of day as before but nothing. Well I guess not quite nothing, it was more like Maryland style fishing. I just got spoiled the night and morning before. But after a while it started picking up again. Still such a blast! I think I know what I am going to do with all my free time from now on. I am sure I will have to really twist Ryan’s arm to take two pretty girls out fishing on his boat. Ha! We cooked up our walleye over the open camp fire along with peppers and taters and some asparagus for dinner – dang I never eat this good! Went over to the other campsite but they were all KOed from the night before followed by being in the sun all day. So we met up with the Wisconsin boys from the fish cleaning station and had another good night. I’d say it was quite a successful weekend.

Well yesterday was Megan’s 21st birthday and boy did we do it big! We went to Tutti Frutti for ice cream for lunch, then HuHot which is a (delicious) Mongolian restaurant where she was surprised with a cake I made..

The cake is a strawberry lemon drop (with vanilla vodka) cake with a dark chocolate Baileys icing complete with dark chocolate covered strawberries. Yum.

We went to a country bar after dinner to listen to a live band and hit up the town. It was a fun time and she seemed to have a good birthday. Happy birthday, Megan!

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