We were expecting Dr. Serfass today to come and help us figure out exactly what we are going to be doing work-wise for the next three months, but he got held up in Wisconsin and called to let us know that he won’t be able to make it until tomorrow. So, Megan suggested we hit the road and drive out to the Badlands and visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

I wish I had words to describe how beautiful it was! The pictures I have posted don’t do the Badlands any justice at all! I have visited them once before in the Blackhills of South Dakota, but the North Dakota Badlands are completely different. We saw wild mustangs (which I was extremely excited about since I have never seen them before), bison (Bison bison), pronghorn (Antilocapra americana), and even two bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus). We hiked some trails and drove the 36 mile driving trail that circles the south part of the park. The weather was perfect too – warm, but not hot, with a slight breeze (and I mean the breeze that I am use to and not the 25mph North Dakota “breeze”), and beautiful blue skies all day! I’ll let the photos show you a bit of how awesome it was. If you ever get the chance to visit the Badlands, I highly highly recommend it, even if you have to drive 2 hours away like we did – its worth it!

We will definitely be going back this summer! We already have started planning. We’re going to spend two days there and camp out one night. Also we’ll have to explore the park on horseback! I mean that’s how Teddy did it, so I think we should too 🙂

I guess I should tell you that ever since I was young for some reason I have been obsessed with the state of Montana, yet I have never been there. So as we were looking at the map on the way to the Badlands I noticed that hey, Montana is only 20 miles away! So we detoured on our way home and drove to the Montana line just so that we could say we have been to Montana. I will be back.

We also made sure to stop and get some pictures with the North Dakota sign since the one on the eastern side of the state was over the highway instead of on the side.

Well, it looks like work actually begins tomorrow, although I have definitely enjoyed the playing and vacationing so I’m going to settle in for the night, relax a bit and get some rest. Goodnight yall!

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  1. Johanna, love your Blogs and photos….keep them coming. So cool.

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